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    Calling volunteers

    Sean Lowrie
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    Calling volunteers

    Post  Sean Lowrie on Wed Sep 29, 2010 4:11 am

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    First, the premise of this all:
    This is not a direct push for a Con Con. The idea is for this Constitution to be discussed by the common people of California. Contrary to prevailing thoughts, I hold that most anyone can both understand the provisions of a constitution and meaningfully contribute to the improvement of one. In the process they'll have much reason to study up about the ideas behind it. In this case they'll have to become well versed with the libertarian philosophy, Jeffersonian politics, Austrian-school economics, and candid American history. That's the revolution. Once that happens far and wide, the Con Con is the easy bit. Power will be taken away from all forms of centralism. Coercion will be unthinkable. Populist politics will rule the day, but instead of the usual senseless platitudes that usually fill populist movements, this one will have been very sensible.

    So, to these ends, I call for help to make this campaign bigger and bigger. The way I see it, we'll need the following from willing people like you.

    • Media skills of various brands of genius. The Constitution and its philosophies will need to become trendy.
    • A YouTube presence, both persuasional and educational.
    • After debate and refinement, vetting for unintended consequences, presentations explaining the functions of each Article.
    • People to contact State Senators, Assemblymen, County Supervisors, City Council members, so forth, to get them to pledge to send copies of this Constitution to their constituents.
    • Nice hardcopies of this Constitution to give to movers and shakers in the policy world.
    • Advertisement, advertisement, advertisement.
    • Hardcopies to distribute to people far and wide.
    • Contact with people with expertise in various areas to help point out the most hidden errors.

    At this moment there's no need to donate money to a central coffer, perhaps never. Open source revolution, you spend as much on it as you wish.

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