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    Terms of Service. MUST READ.

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    Terms of Service. MUST READ.

    Post  Sean Lowrie on Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:00 am


    Purpose: This forum is here for the people of California to gather and self-direct the development of a new California Constitution equal to the task of liberty.

    Rules: Do not do anything unlawful by California or Federal law.

    Do not engage in baiting or subversion of discussion, or hate in general.

    Violation of these two rules will result in a temporary or permanent ban as fits the severity of the infraction.

    The administration will provide, as best it can, a safe environment for all who are interested to participate in the debate.

    In any case, the administration, this forum, and the hosting service shall not be responsible for any negligent actions of any member. Be smart, be safe.

    This forum is for the express purpose of developing the said Constitution. The administration will not provide tutorials on forum use or etiquette. However, ask another member by way of private message if confused. We ask all users to remain polite, helpful, supportive, and understanding of each other, especially those not used to “netiquette.”

    If ever in doubt, send the administration a private message about your question.

    By using this forum each individual agrees to be bound by these rules, and those of the host. Ignorance is no excuse.

    Thanks! Let’s get to work!


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